Citrus Magic Fresh Orange Scent Air Spray - Spray - 6 fl oz (0.2 quart) - Fresh Orange - 2 / Pack - Odor Neutralizer, Long Lasting, Chemical-free
  • Fresh orange scent provides enjoyable fragrance with bright, citrusy notes
  • Pure citrus oils naturally remove tough odors on contact
  • Advanced formula lasts up to 4 times longer to deliver lasting scent
  • Nonaerosol container lets you maintain clean environment
  • SKU: BMT612172147
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    Air freshener with a fresh orange scent is made with pure citrus oils to naturally eliminate even the toughest odors on contact. Advanced, long-lasting formula lasts up to four times longer than conventional air fresheners that are mostly made of water, gas and a little perfume to effectively deodorize any room. Nonaerosol container is free from harsh chemicals to help you maintain a clean environment at home, work or even during travel.