Belkin RockStar 10-Port USB Charging Station - 1 Pack - 120 V AC, 230 V AC Input - 5 V DC/2.40 A Output
  • 10 ports offer plenty of space to charge variety of devices
  • Intelligent power delivery charges each device safely
  • 120-watt design powers each device even when all ports are in use
  • Mountable construction allows space-saving use
  • SKU: BLKB2B139
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    Compact and convenient, this 10-Port USB charging station provides optimal charging for any combination of smartphones, tablets and more. Intelligent power delivery detects the necessary power to charge each device quickly and safely, even when all 10 ports are in use. 120-watt, external power supply ensures that up to 2.4 amps is delivered to each port for optimal charging for each connected device. Wall-mountable or desk-mountable options allow space-saving use in a convenient location. Anti-slip bottom prevents sliding on smooth surfaces for enhanced stability. No-fan design provides a quiet power solution without any distractions in quiet locations.