Kantek Wireless Charging Pad Charging Station - 1 Each - Input connectors: USB
  • Wireless pad charges your device without direct connection
  • 5 USB ports offer easy access to power additional devices
  • Slotted top keeps multiple devices organized and accessible
  • Fast-charging technology quickly charges for timesaving use
  • SKU: KTKDC1300B
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    Desktop charging station features a wireless charging pad for a fast, convenient way to charge your device without directly plugging in. Five USB ports offer more options to power additional devices. Slotted design conveniently charges multiple devices simultaneously while keeping everything neatly organized. Integrated circuits with fast-charging technology offers a faster way to charge your devices. Advanced technology prevents overcharging, short circuits and overheating to keep your devices safe. Silicone, rubberized surface creates more friction to prevent devices from sliding.