Dataproducts R14772 Ink Roller - Black, Red - 1 Each
  • For use with Canon CP17, MP12D, P22DX
  • Compatible with Sharp EL1192H, EL1601, EL21920
  • Also works with TI5034, VX1614, TI5035II and more
  • 2-color for easy-to-read results
  • SKU: DPSR14772
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    Replacement ink rolls in black and red are designed for use in Canon Canola CP17, CP17, P42D, P42DR, P552D, P52DR; Sharp EL1195I, EL1607P, EL1701V, EL1801C, EL1801E, EL2192, EL2192G, EL2195L, EL2901C, EL2901E, EL2902C, EL2910R; and Texas Instruments TI5045SVC.