Lathem LT5 Electronic Time and Date Stamp - Card Punch/Stamp Employees - Digital - Time, Date Record Time
  • Fully customizable text messages support all stamping requirements
  • Push buttons on case let you quickly configure up to 4 print sets
  • Customizable date and time fit your exact needs
  • Heavy-duty print mechanism provides long-lasting use
  • SKU: LTHLT5000
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    Electronic time stamp features two-line printing and fully customizable text messages to support any document stamping requirement. Configure up to four different print sets and choose which one to print on the fly using the push buttons on the case. Customize the date and time including 4-digit years, 24-hour or 1-12 AM/PM, regular minutes, 1/10 of an hour and even seconds to fit your exact needs. For unique document identification, a programmable 8-digit number can be appended to any print set and configured to advance and repeat based on your requirements. All print formats and custom text messages can be configured online and programmed to the unit using a standard USB flash drive eliminating complex button setup. Heavy-duty print mechanism supports up to half a million imprints for long-lasting performance. Key-locking case and programmable passcode provide tamper-resistant security.