Lathem PC700 Touch Screen/Wi-Fi Time Clock - Proximity Employees - WiFi - Hour Record Time
  • Touch-screen display allows simple operation for employees and managers
  • Wi-Fi lets you easily connect to employee time and attendance software
  • Proximity badges, key fobs and PIN offer multiple connectivity options
  • Battery backup keeps data and settings up to 8 years for reliable use
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    Time clock system features a full-color, touch-screen display for a simple way to let your employees and managers manage their time and attendance directly on the time clock. Supervisors can add employees, edit punches and send messages to individuals for fast, effective workforce management. Your employees have the ability to indicate department transfers, enter tip amounts, and view their total hours and benefit time information. Built-in web-ready services, when connected to your existing Ethernet network, allow you to use the time clock through your network and with no need for a dedicated PC. Plus, your employees can use the clock with the convenience of swiping a proximity badge, optional key fob or entering a personal PIN. Lithium battery backup stores employee punch data and settings for up to eight years so if your Ethernet network goes down, employees can still clock in and out and record their time.