Cross Maxi Calligraphy Kit - Red, Green, Purple, Turquoise, Brown, Blue, Black, Black/Blue Ink - 1 Kit
  • Assorted pens, nib grades and color provide maximum calligraphy experience
  • Various nib grades allow multiple colors on same project without cleanings
  • Instruction booklet provides detailed guide to become proficient in 4 steps
  • Perfect for handwriting invitations, letters, awards and more
  • SKU: CRO83404
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    Calligraphy Maxi Kit features viewpoint pens, three nib grades (fine, medium and broad) and assorted Skrip ink cartridges to provide the maximum calligraphy experience. Three pens, each with a different nib grade, and a generous assortment of ink colors allow multiple colors on the same project without requiring you to clean the pen. Step-by-step instruction booklet makes it easy for anyone to become a proficient calligrapher in just four easy steps. Calligraphy kit is perfect for conveying personal messages in thought as well as design, such as handwritten invitations, letters, awards, greeting cards, diplomas and more.