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  • Comfort Wave design keeps your hands comfortably positioned
  • Energy-efficient design provides years of use for long-lasting performance
  • SKU: LOG920002555
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  • Truly silent with Silent Technology, silent click switches and rubber covers
  • 2.4Ghz wireless connection for lag-free performance
  • SKU: VER99779
    UPS Shippable

  • Energy-efficient design provides 3-year battery life for keyboard and mouse
  • Concave keys allow your fingertips to glide swiftly from key to key
  • SKU: LOG920002416
    UPS Shippable

  • Illuminated keyboard provides complete visibility in low-light settings
  • Incurve keys offer comfortable typing experience for reduced fatigue
  • SKU: LOG920008872
    UPS Shippable

  • 9-way adjustable feet (front and rear) for customizable fit
  • Fully padded wrist rest for comfort and support
  • SKU: KMW72403
    UPS Shippable

  • Low-profile keys barely make a sound for comfortable, quiet typing
  • Spill-resistant design eliminates worry of accidental spills
  • SKU: LOG920002565
    UPS Shippable

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