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  • Currency-screening formula creates dark mark when counterfeit is detected
  • Cost-efficient design offers quick, inexpensive method to detect bad bills
  • SKU: DRI351B1
    UPS Shippable MSDS Required

  • Perfect for use in retail environments
  • Using the detector pen is quick and inexpensive
  • SKU: DRI3513B
    Recycled UPS Shippable

  • Special patented formula instantly detects fraudulent bills
  • Light and dark markings distinguish between real and suspect currency
  • SKU: DRI351R1
    UPS Shippable

  • Easy-to-use design quickly identifies counterfeit bills
  • Bright red display clearly shows total to prevent costly reading errors
  • SKU: SPR16012
    UPS Shippable

  • Powerful UV light works even in bright ambient light for use anywhere
  • Battery-operated design uses included batteries for complete mobility
    UPS Shippable

  • Detects all counterfeit currency - old and new U.S. currency
  • Special patented formula detects bad bills
  • SKU: DRI351UVB
    UPS Shippable

  • Compact, portable, highly effective, countertop unit provides triple protection
  • Smart Money Counterfeit Detector Pen tests for genuine currency paper and bleached bills
  • SKU: DRI351TRI
    UPS Shippable

  • Retractable design provides immediate access for use in busy settings
  • Color-changing formula creates light or dark mark to prevent costly errors
    UPS Shippable

  • Quick-scan design offers instant detection for immediate results
  • User-friendly operation ensures quick, simple use
  • SKU: RSIRCD3120

  • Easy-to-use design helps you quickly check authenticity of bills
  • Color-changing formula displays brightly to prevent reading errors
  • SKU: SPR16014
    UPS Shippable

  • Fast operation verifies bills quickly and efficiently
  • Advanced design provides complete accuracy and reliability

  • UV, MG and IR technologies provide powerful, quick and accurate results
  • Digital screen lets you keep track of info for accurate record-keeping
  • SKU: MMF200100
    UPS Shippable

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