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  • Sorts and counts 300 coins per minute from its 2,000 coin hopper
  • Recognizes coin denominations and sorts them into bins or coin tubes for wrapping
  • SKU: MMF200200C
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  • Precision-molded tubes are made of unbreakable, abrasion-resistant plastic
  • Designed for use with tubular coin wrappers
  • SKU: MMF224000400
    UPS Shippable

  • Features sorting capabilities to ensure coins are counted accurately
  • LCD screen shows the number of coins sorted and the dollar value of the sorted coins
    UPS Shippable

  • Automatic construction accurately sorts coins directly into wrapper
  • Digital display shows dollar value of coins for easy record-keeping

    Currently Out of Stock
  • High-speed design sorts up to 156 coins per minute
  • Large hopper allows you to sort more coins at once
  • SKU: RSIFS500

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