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  • Cash box features a combination lock and 6 compartments for coins
  • Removable tray has 1 long compartment for bills and 5 smaller compartments for coins
  • SKU: SPR15508
    UPS Shippable

  • Locking cover closes tightly to prevent spilling contents
  • All-steel construction offers reliable durability for secure containment
  • SKU: SPR15505
    UPS Shippable

  • Keylock and 5 compartments for coins
  • Top opens to 90 degrees; coin tray automatically lifts when top is opened
  • SKU: SPR15507
    UPS Shippable

  • Cash box features locking latch, removable 7-compartment tray; extra storage under tray
  • Features 2 bill compartments and 5 compartments for coins
  • SKU: ICX94190023

  • Compact - perfect for storing bonds, currency and other valuables
  • Secure piano hinge provides additional strength and security
  • SKU: MMF2212CBGY
    Recycled UPS Shippable

  • Cash box features latchkey lock and 7 removable compartment trays
  • Tray has 1 long compartment for bills and 6 smaller compartments for coins; storage under tray
  • SKU: SPR15501
    UPS Shippable

  • Removable, 6-compartment cash tray with extra storage
  • Secure cam-lock includes 2 keys
  • SKU: MMF221618201
    Recycled UPS Shippable

  • Keylock and large insulated storage space
  • Includes heavy-duty hinges
  • SKU: SPR15502
    UPS Shippable

  • Coin boxes hold $500 in quarters
  • Preprinted with total dollar amount of contents in orange text
  • SKU: ICX94190089

  • Convenient and compact with 10 compartments
  • Additional storage for coin rolls, cash straps or other supplies
  • SKU: MMF2216194G2
    UPS Shippable

  • Protects important documents and heat-sensitive valuables
  • Engineered with double-insulated walls to help protect contents from fire damage
  • SKU: MMF221614003
    Recycled UPS Shippable

  • 7-section, removable multipurpose tray
  • Ideal for petty cash, fundraising and small businesses
  • SKU: MMF221612003
    Recycled UPS Shippable

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