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  • Cool-touch safety grille
  • Digital EnergySmart Technology with energy-usage indicator
  • SKU: HWLHZ7300
    UPS Shippable

    Currently Out of Stock
  • Versatile, all-season use with oscillation and timer functions
  • Protection from overheating
  • SKU: LLR99843
    UPS Shippable

  • Safety Motion Sensor shuts off heat when object is too close
  • Digital controls and LCD provide hassle-free way to adjust heat output
    UPS Shippable

    Currently Out of Stock
  • Oscillating design provides even distribution of heat
  • Dual heat settings distribute your preferred warmth level
  • SKU: LLR33979
    UPS Shippable

  • Adjustable thermostat with safety overheat protection
  • Power indicator light to confirm operation
  • SKU: LLR33558
    UPS Shippable

  • EnergySmart technology saves you up to 25% on energy consumption
  • LED lights allow you to quickly check temperature and preferred setting
  • SKU: HWLHZ789
    UPS Shippable Some Assembly Required

  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Offers 3 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat
  • SKU: LLR29552
    UPS Shippable MSDS Required

  • 3 heat settings distribute your preferred warmth level
  • Fan-only setting distributes air when heat is not needed
  • SKU: LLR33978
    UPS Shippable

  • 3 heat settings: 600, 900 and 1500 watts
  • Thermostat display with temperatures in red
  • SKU: LLR33568
    UPS Shippable

  • Adjustable thermostat thermal cutoff for customizable comfort and safety
  • Sets at 900 watts or 1500 watts for power-saving options
  • SKU: LLR99841
    UPS Shippable

  • 360 Surround Heat emits heat in all directions for maximum efficiency
  • Fan-forced wire heating technology delivers heat to entire room
    UPS Shippable

  • Ceramic heating technology allows efficient use in medium-size to large rooms
  • Large temperature settings ensure easy visibility from distance
    UPS Shippable

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