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  • Provides durable painting surface for creating fun works of art
  • Woven, acrylic-primed canvas mounted on heavy board for increased strength
  • SKU: CKC6052
    UPS Shippable
  • 4-ply; brilliantly colored on both sides
  • "Great for construction, art projects, mats, mounting, block printing and more"
  • SKU: PAC5487
    Recycled UPS Shippable
  • Nontoxic formulas ensure safe use by young learners
  • Glitter glue provides shimmering slime fun
  • SKU: EPI2062244
    UPS Shippable
  • All the components needed in 1 kit to create a professional-looking display board
  • "Contains 1 white corrugated (48"" x 36"") presentation board and 1 white corrugated header"
  • SKU: PAC3793
    UPS Shippable
  • Packed with several craft items for many types of projects
  • "Add texture to your projects with feathers, fluffs, craft sticks and pom pons"
  • SKU: PACAC1717
    UPS Shippable
  • Sparkling effect enhances any project
  • Easy-to-use squeeze bottle ensures clean application
  • SKU: PACAC8561
    UPS Shippable
  • Bring projects to life
  • Pack includes a variety of sizes
  • SKU: PACAC344502
    UPS Shippable
  • High-quality design offers excellent surface to create works of art
  • Primed cotton is ready to use so you can get started right away
  • SKU: MEA97046
    UPS Shippable
  • "Large, white tagboard for creating durable, sturdy projects"
  • "Durable, medium-weight board"
  • SKU: PAC5296
    UPS Shippable
  • "Versatile, high-quality bleeding art tissue"
  • "Wet with a brush and wash beautiful, translucent color onto the paper"
  • SKU: PAC59530
    Recycled UPS Shippable
  • Flexible design can be used to create structures with curves and bends
  • Modifiable construction cuts easily for customized structures
  • SKU: RYLR6085
    UPS Shippable
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