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  • Features a spring-bow head and center wheel to make circles up to 8-7/8" diameter
  • Sturdy plastic and metal construction includes a wide-profile plastic handle
  • SKU: STD556WP00A6
    UPS Shippable
  • Metal safety point is blunt for safe use by children
  • Plastic frame offers lightweight storage and easy transportation
  • SKU: SPR38277
    UPS Shippable
  • All-metal construction
  • Center wheel for quick setting
  • SKU: STD550WP01
    UPS Shippable
  • Eliminates the sharp point found on traditional compasses
  • Draws circles from 1/4" to 10" in diameter
  • SKU: LRNLER45761
    UPS Shippable
  • Lockable design allows incredibly consistent performance
  • Measurement arm is graduated in both inches and centimeters
  • SKU: HLXX37280
    UPS Shippable
  • Universal adapter helps draw circles for variety of exercises at school
  • Obtuse-angled safety needle allows safe handling to prevent injury
    UPS Shippable
  • Infused with antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors
  • Compass has a retractable point for safety and an easy grip top
  • SKU: ACM14377
    UPS Shippable
  • Obtuse-angled safety needle allows safe handling to prevent injury
  • Plastic case with hinged lid protects from dust and debris
  • SKU: STD55060A6
    UPS Shippable
  • Reliable control in a lightweight design
  • Pencil lock securely holds in place for increased efficiency
  • SKU: LEO77360
    UPS Shippable
  • Delicately balanced design provides feather-light control
  • Durable steel construction provides long-lasting use
  • SKU: CHA401N
    UPS Shippable
  • Ball-bearing control creates accurate circles up to 12" in diameter
  • Easy-to-adjust design for simple, quick use
  • SKU: LEO77365
    UPS Shippable
  • Safety point allows easy handling to prevent accidental mishaps
  • Plastic compass quickly adjusts for simple measurements
  • SKU: LEO80965ST
    UPS Shippable
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