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  • Handpicked specimens have been chosen for their color, texture and beauty
  • Chart and information guide let students quickly identify specimens
  • SKU: EII5210
    UPS Shippable
  • Connectable pieces provide tactile way for students to learn to count
  • Activities and games teach colors, number relationships and more
  • SKU: LRN7732
    UPS Shippable
  • Decorative design adds creative style to your classroom
  • Laminated material cleans easily for long-lasting use
  • SKU: ASH10697
    UPS Shippable
  • Wearable vests provide hands-on learning experience
  • Nontear, laminated material enhances durability for lasting use
  • SKU: RYLR4960
    UPS Shippable
  • Bright colors and patterns add fun splash of color to your room
  • Familiar designs match your similar decoratives for coordinated decor
  • SKU: TCR6130
    UPS Shippable Woman Produced
  • Oversized construction provides more room for legible handwriting
  • Dry-erase surface lets you write again and again for cost-efficient use
  • SKU: RYLR49621
    UPS Shippable
  • Assorted colors help kids find where to sit or stand
  • Unique design stays on strong and removes easily
  • SKU: TCR6994S
  • Brightly colored design to celebrate the 100th day of school
  • Students are king or queen for the day
  • SKU: PAC4670
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